Political controversy over South’s film Mersal is increasing. After getting the support of Kamal Haasan, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has now try to hit the Prime Minister using that issue.

On Saturday, Rahul tweeted to PM Modi: Mr. Modi, Cinema is a deep expression of Tamil culture and language. Don’t try to demon-etise Tamil pride by interfering in Mersal.

Actually, in the film, the BJP had objected to certain issues related to GST and the Note ban on bondage. After this the news came that producers had agreed to remove the scene related to GST and Note ban in the movie.

Politics became hot on this issue after Rahul’s tweet. Director did not like tweet by Rahul Gandhi. Madhur Bhandarkar, while answering Rahul’s tweet, wrote, “ Sir @OfficeOfRG I m against ban on any film I had expected ur support while ur workers wr demonising #InduSarkar but u chose 2 remain silent.”


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