Different therapies are being used to treat Covid patients in Vadodara hospital


Laughter, sports and music therapies are helping patients to recover from the disease

When Lord Krishna was playing the flute, it felt as if a new consciousness was transmitted throughout Vraj .  From the water of Yamuna to the animals, birds, plants, people all filled with excitement and exhilaration.

 Perhaps that would be the first experiment in communicating positive consciousness through music throughout the universe.

Working on the same philosophy the Corona patients admitted in SSS hospital are getting the same music therapy to be energetic throughout the day.

 Music awakens consciousness and transmits positive energy and the music therapy has accepted in the world for treatment of patients. It cultivates the will power of the mind to recover from the disease. With this in mind, music therapy has been added to the Covid treatment facility inside the hospital which will keep the patients happy.

Along with this, laughter and group sports therapy are being used to keep the respiratory function of the patients balanced and normal. In addition, yoga and various types of exercises are being done in collaboration with the physiotherapy department.

The main purpose of these non-medical therapies is to cultivate the will power to heal and thereby accelerate the healing process in patients. The covid treatment facility at Sayaji Hospital is located in a 6-storey building with more than 50 speakers being installed on each floor for playing music, said Dr. O.B. Belim, Administrative Nodal Officer.

The control room is on the third floor in no Covid area. In addition a mic system is being fitted for public broadcasting which will help in transmitting the necessary instructions to the patients on each floor.

With the help of this mic system, singers and musicians from the cultural city of Vadodara are being considered for the opportunity to serve the Covid patients through music.

 ‘We thought, with the help of the control room mic system in the non Covid area, the aspiring artists of the city can get a chance to play for patients from a safe place. This could be a new initiative in the treatment of corona, says Dr. Belim.

Currently, after the music system is installed as part of music therapy, it is planned to play melodious bhajans for 10 minutes every morning after breakfast and inspirational and patriotic songs 10 minutes before dinner.

It thus give the benefit of music therapy to the patients. The ICU will not be fitted with a speaker but will be housed in a recovery room for stable patients.

Elders and exercise lovers in the city try comedy therapy through the Laughing Club. It is being implemented in Sayaji’s Covid ward.  In addition group games are played.  The disease disrupts the patient’s breathing rhythm and it is hoped that it will return to normal. Patients are enthusiastically engaging in yoga, exercise, laughter and sports therapy.

These experiments have been carried out with the inspiration of Principal Health Secretary Dr. Jayanti Ravi. She is interested in classical music and herself a connoisseur of Carnatic music. Special Duty Officer and Education Secretary Dr. Vinod Rao has encouraged and backed these experiments.

 Sayaji Hospital has about 300 patients in Covid ward at any one time and about 250 of these patients are stable. The features of this new therapy are expected to speed their recovery.


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