Devyaniraje Gaekwad school celebrate Holi with flowers and organic colours

National Safety Day 2021

Keeping their tradition alive Devyaniraje Gaekwad school in Vadodara celebrate Holi and Dhuleti in Eco friendly way with flowers and organic colours. The teachers and the little ones celebrate the festival inside the school premises and spread a very strong message to others.

Starting with the celebrations first all worship lord Jagannath and then all took part in Holika Dahan where total Ayurvedic products like Kapur, Loban, Dhoop, Gaumutra and others were used. Then after starts the celebrations with eco friendly way where the students and teachers use around 1000kgs of flowers to play Dhuleti.

It’s a beautiful sight as the little ones and teachers play Dhuleti with flowers at outside and then with organic colours inside with DJ music. The idea is to spread strong message to others to celebrate the festival in eco friendly way which is also the demand of today.

“We are celebrating the festival in Eco friendly way for the last 15 years and continue our tradition till today. This year the city and state is staring at possible water shortage and to spread the message of save water from a very tender age we celebrate the festival with Eco friendly way in our school,” said Dr. Tushar Bhonsle Prinicipal Devyaniraje Gaekwad School.


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