Ganeshotsav is at its peak and Vadodara the cultural city of Gujarat is also indulged in the devotion of Lord Ganesha. Every year we see various themes decorates the pandals but there are some which becomes the center of belief for years. The famous Aashirwad Ganpati is one of them which continue to bless the devotees for the last four decades. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, L.K. Advani and many others visit the Lord to seek his blessings from time to time.

43 years ago Dongre Maharaj installed the Ganpati and since then its becomes the center of belief for devotes from all across the country and world. Managed by Shrimant Siddhivinayak Trust the Ganpati is one of the major attractions in the Ganeshotsav festival visited by people from different cities of India and abroad.

Dhumal family from since beginning continue the tradition even today. From Mangala to Rajbhog Shayan, Shangaar till Uthapan and six times aarti everything is as per Vaishnav rituals. Valuable jewelleries and others is used for the decoration of the lord. The organisers said that earlier they set big idols but now they install mud idol as per like Dagdu Sheth in Pune. The organisers started preparations two months ago for the festival and not collected any money for it. Only Harish Dhumal and his friends collected their money and organise the festival. The eye catching pandal with attractive main gate is turning everyone to visit inside and have the blessings of Bappa.

“The tradition continues for the last 42 years and devotees from India and abroad visits here to take the blessings of Aashirwad Ganpati. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, L.K. Advani, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, Bhaiyuji Maharaj and many others visit Aashirwad Ganpati to take the blessings. The devotees came here to fulfil their wishes and after it they offer whatever they want to the Lord. When we check the donation box we find Dollars, Pounds, Rupee and letters. The tradition went on for decades and the devotees came here every year to fulfil their wishes,” said Mahesh Pandya priest of the temple.



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