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Designer pays tribute to Narendra Modi with jewellery line

Designer pays tribute to Narendra Modi with jewellery line

Designer Musskan Aggarwal has come up with a jewellery line taking inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi as she feels that he is the "super hero" of her generation.

"2016 belongs to Mr Modi. Right from taking India on international platforms to taking the most historical move to fight against Black Money, Mr Modi is super hero of our generation," the designer said in a statement.

"I decided to make customised range as salute to Mr Modi. With my new collection.... We really wish more and more power to him," she added.

modi-inspired-jewellery-by-kiwi-by-musskan-image-1With an impeccable eye for detail, Agarwaal with her label Kiwi by Musskan Agarwaal crafts each piece to appeal to the fashion aficionados.

Each of her collections consists of individually handcrafted rings or neckpieces be it in polka, semi precious or precious stones, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, topaz or rubies.

Her new collection inspired by Modi is available at her stores in Sainik Farms and Khan Market at Rs. 2000 onwards

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