Desi Ghee best nutrition for body – Celebrity fitness trainer Aminder Singh

National Safety Day 2021

In a body transformation and bio mechanics seminar organised by Evolution fitness in Ankleshwar the celebrity fitness trainer Aminder Singh talks about nutrition and body fitness.

He said the Desi ghee is the best nutrition for the body and everyone make it a regular part of their food. He also advice all to away from sugar as possible.

The seminar was organised in Lords Plaza hotel in Ankleshwar where actress Bhakti Kumawat, Amit Motiyani and Amar Shahadpuri from Evolution fitness were also present along with fitness enthusiasts in big numbers.

The celebrity fitness trainer also guide the fitness freaks to first know and then go ahead with their workout. He said the trainers in the gym only tells about the exercise not the way how to do it. So it’s on the people to know the exercise first and becomes own fitness trainer and then proceed ahead.

He put focus on another point on the use of supplements. He said in the beginning people get nutrition from the home itself and they should avoid the steroid include supplements in their further exercise regime.



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