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Delhi couple on a mission to revive traditional Pichhwai art

Delhi couple on a mission to revive traditional Pichhwai art

A Delhi couple is on a mission to revive the traditional Pichhwai art which slowly losing it's charm among the people. They use different mediums specially wearable art to popularise it. What's more they can boast of many high profile clients in their list wearing the art.

Pichhwai are devotional pictures found on cloth or paper portray Lord Krishna. The purpose of the art is to narrate tales of Krishna. However the traditional art is somehow losing it's charm among people and limited to few.

With a mission to revive the art the couple Prashant Garg and Shweta Garg starts showcasing it more appealing wearable art form. They design sarees, duppattas, men shawls handbags and brass jewellery based on Pichhwai art.

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"The idea is to revive the art through various art forms having pictures of cow, peacock and lotus usually used in Pichhwai art. The art is normally we see through Paintings but we decide to give it a new dimension and choose wearable materials to showcase and spread it. The sarees are of digital prints which are more affordable and we use handwoven Contemporary materials like Linen for our work," said Prashant Garg.

He said such a traditional art form is losing it's charm and it's a sincere effort from them to revive it. "We are using traditional Indian outfits specially sarees for our work. Saree shows the culture of our country and we use it to revive the art which is more appealing then other mediums. Secondly many well known personalities like Kokilaben Ambani, Vidya Balan and others are our clients which wears the art and people follows them," said Prashant Garg.

The artist couple wants to go step by step in their journey to revive the Pichhwai art and visits various cities in the country to promote it. They are in Vadodara at Arumaa Studio to showcase their artworks based on Pichhwai.

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