The actress Deepika Padukone is known for playing unseen characters in her films. In real life also she is doing such things which attracts everyone to be her fan.

Deepika went to Bangalore to celebrate her father’s birthday the badminton legend Prakash Padukone. Like every time the actress extend her vacation to four days to spend time with her family and to help her parents to shift to their new house.

The bollywood diva helped her parents to shift to their new house and shows the world that she is also a responsible daughter to her parents. Deepika is there at the everytime to set the new home and decorate with her own hands to show her culture and love and respect towards her parents.

She also make sure that the priceless things and luggage well set at the new house before she fly back to Mumbai.

The sources close to actress if to be believed then the actress went straight to the shooting of Padmavati where she turned into queen from a responsible daughter to her parents.




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