Dedication in duty by Gram Sevak Janaki Joshi


Provide information about free umbrellas to farmers through Broadcast Group

Janaki Joshi has been faithfully performing her duty as a Gram Sevak since 2017 in Virod Seja of Vadodara taluka. She has formed a broadcast group to convey the schemes of agriculture and horticulture to the farmers in an accurate manner and the farmers are constantly striving to know the plans for them and reap the benefits.

At the Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Scheme at Varnama, she brought farmers who were beneficiaries of the schemes. She said in an interview that umbrellas protect vegetables and delicate crops from the sun.

Janki formed a broadcast group to convey the schemes to farmers and encourage them to take benefit of the free umbrella scheme.

If there is an umbrella, farmers can sell their vegetables directly to the consumers without taking them to the market. They can sell them by sitting on the road near the farm or outside the village with the help of umbrella.

  Umbrellas protect vegetables and crops from the sun and thus encourage people to apply for the benefit of the umbrella scheme.

Under the Smart Tools Scheme of the Department of Agriculture, there is a provision to provide advanced tools to the eligible farmers within the limit of Rs. 10000. Janaki and her fellow gram sevaks work diligently to ensure that farmers know and benefit from all these schemes.

The schemes are implemented by the government for public welfare.  It is the duty of the employees of that department to convey the information of the schemes to the eligible people and make them to advantage of them.

 They must act as a link between the government and the target beneficiary to make the scheme a success and make it a reality. Janaki is working as the same link and working towards it to help the villagers.


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