After the implementation of Goods Service Tax (GST) it’s a point of discussion for everyone. Business houses and businessmen all are having discussions and have their own views on the newly implemented tax. But for the first time to aware the mute and deaf students about GST a informative session is organised in the Mook Dhwani Trust school in Vadodara.


Since the day GST was implemented in India everyone are giving mixed reactions on that. Many find it good for economy and many finds it problematic and protest against it. However the awareness about the tax is necessary to know the whole thing in detail. Keeping in view the principal and teachers of the Mook Dhwani Trust school organised a informative programme inside the school premises to aware the students about the GST and it’s effects on the economy.

The teachers with the help of slides, text and chart taught school students from 9th to 12th standard about the GST and make them understand the important things related to it. “After GST was Implemented we decide to organise a informative programme for the students of our school. It take a out a week to understand the GST and we the team of teachers make the presentation of visual slides, charts and text and then teach our students about the GST and make them understand it,” said Rashmi Mehta Principal Mook Dhwani Trust school.


She said that as the students are the future of our country so it’s their responsibility to make them understand as it’s a part of their education. “We make efforts to learn first about the GST ourselves with the help of newspapers, pamphlets and internet. Then we make visual slides, text and charts which gives the basic information and convert it into sign language to make the students understand who are deaf and mute. Our teachers are trained and we make the students understand the GST and they also replied positively and accepted it which gives us a sigh of relief,” said Mehta.



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