In a sheer act of inhuman behaviour towards the family of a deceased the officials of Waghodia Primary Health Centre left the body for 14 hours without post-mortem. When the agitated members approached the administration instead of helping them they told them to bring doctor and sweeper from Jarod PHC on their own expense to conduct post-mortem.

As per the details Sunil Soni 35 living in Srinagar society near Nimeta village and runs a fabrication business at Shreeji Darshan complex at Sayajipark. On Wednesday he was knocked by a four wheeler and died near Nimeta village while he was going home for lunch.  He was survived by his wife and three children.

After the death his body was taken to Waghodia PHC for post-mortem. However till today the body was kept there at the centre without post-mortem which irked the family members of the deceased. The body started decompose due to the excessive heat which angers the relatives. They allege that when they approached the officials in the morning they asked them to bring doctor and sweeper from Jarod PHC at their own expense as they don’t have any doctor here.

With such a reply from the PHC officials the family alleged that in absence of facilities like cold room, AC and bad condition of the centre the body get decomposed. They said to be approached the Waghodia police in this regard but not get any help from them.

As the relatives of the deceased agitate the officials of the PHC finally called a doctor from the SSG Vadodara to perform Post Mortem. Such a situation at the PHC arise many serious questions about the facilities in the other PHC’s in the district.


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