We are living in the most modern world today. With the advent and impressive use of social media, we are the generation where we have all the powers to access every information on our fingertips. Yet, whenever we still someone utters a word “menstruation” there are raised eyebrows, a shush finger on the lip and many weird expression on the faces of women as well as men. Why we still are not open to this natural process of a woman? What is holding us back? Why it is still a taboo to talk about it openly, freely, and meaningfully? Well, at Connect gujarat, we believe to bring a change through community journalism and talking about issues that matter and makes the world positive. Team CG went on to interview one such organization who is helping break these taboos and mind barriers.

With a vision to empower today’s women with the basic of menstrual hygiene, DEA Corp has launched premium menstrual cups. In conversation with Mr. Amol Prakash Mane, Team CG uncovers his entrepreneurial foray into this domain of menstrual hygiene products.

CG: So, Mr. Amol, please tell us more about DEA Corp.

APM (Amol Prakash Mane): Founded in 2016, Dea Corp manufactures menstrual cups. Inspired by the concept of Make in India, my vision was to promote and contribute in menstrual hygiene through launching eco-friendly menstrual cups. Based out of Vapi in Gujarat, the brand contributes to the initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan through providing menstrual hygiene and awareness among school and college going girls and ladies.

(DEA Corp – Menstrual Cup_Model 1 and Model2) 

CG: What does DEA Corp intends to offer to the market?

APM: Through our latest offering, menstrual cups we intend to advocate reusable menstrual hygiene practices in the country. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, the quality of DEA cups certifies the International standards.

CG: What is the product priced and what are its unique selling propositions?

APM: Cost efficient and with no risk of infection, these cups are priced for Rs 2500, which can be used for a stretch for 10 years. An ideal alternative to sanitary pads, tampons, and other menstrual hygiene products, these cups represent a better and comfortable solution, accelerating a healthy lifestyle. Authorized by the national regulatory body, Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, DEA cups are ISO certified medical devices. 

CG: How do you wish to bring change in the society through your offerings?

APM: By launching DEA Cups, we aim to contribute to the initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Make in India campaign. Questioning the stereotypes, DEA Corp is breaking the taboo by educating women from teenagers till age group 40 on menstrual hygiene. Through active participation and focused dedication towards educating and spreading awareness in the society, we tend to bring a radical change in today’s young minds. The brand engages its customers through door to door selling in Vapi. 

(First Seminar at Upasna English Medium School – Vapi with Class XI) 

CG: How would your product contribute towards Swacch Bharat Abhiyan as you previously mentioned?

APM: We are extremely excited about the launch of DEA cups as we intend to contribute to Swacch Bharat Abhiyan through providing menstrual hygiene product that discards the system of sanitary pad disposal – which is a huge problem in India. Lack of proper knowledge in used pads disposal, lack of proper disposal methods, etc is a serious issue. With our product, we wish to spread awareness among school and college going girls and women in Vapi. Soon we will be expanding our reach to other leading cities of Gujarat to further promote women empowerment and feminine hygiene. 

CG: Is this product apt for every woman?

APM: Yes, off course. It is apt for athletes, fitness enthusiasts to young school and college going girls. These cups ensure stain free and comfortable periods for today’s women.

(Vapi’s First Lady to buy Menstrual Cup Ms. Rimpy Saini in the (Middle) with Mrs. Smita Amol Mane(Right) at Vapi Women Exhibition)

CG: How is the brand selling the cups? Are you facing any challenges?

APM: The brand promotes these cups via direct selling salesforce, who perform demonstrations to groups of young girls and ladies and sell to end consumers. Yes, obviouslywe face challenges in convincing the end user but we have a very enthusiastic and dedicated salesforce who shares the passion for women empowerment.

CG: Do you have plans to expand the distribution of these menstrual cups?

APM: We do have an expansion plans for DEA Corp. For distribution services in cities like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Jamnagar and other parts of Gujarat one can email at info.aahan@gmail.com. Girls and young ladies can easily grab the products by placing an order online athttp://deacorp.in/.

(Seminar at Upasna English Medium School – Vapi with Class XI)



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