Aim to spread awareness about wearing helmets for their own safety

As the rains stops, Vadodara is slowly getting into Navratri mood and people are now ready to hit the popular garba venues with enthusiasm. Some of the dancers are using the platform to spread awareness in people through their unique styles.

The government is strictly implementing the new revised traffic rules and charge hefty fines from the violaters. Traffic police and administration is urging people to wear helmets, using seat belts for their own safety while driving. In such situations the garba players also use the platform to spread the message to a larger audience in presence.

On the 3rd day a group of youths played garba wearing helmets with an intention to spread awareness in people. The idea was instant hit as others appreciate the effort and welcome the idea of spreading message through such platform. The dancers said helmets save them from fatal injuries while driving and safe for their own lives. Wearing helmets and dance, they tried to spread the awareness in people as a social responsibility toward the society.


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