Dalit groups protest in Vadodara | SC/ST Ruling


The Supreme Court’s ruling has been strongly opposed by Dalit tribal organizations, Protestors protested today by doing Chakanjjam across the state, protesting in cities including Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Bharuch, tight police patrolling was also carried out.

Protesting the decision of make changes in the SC ST act Dalit groups calls for an India bandh on Monday. In Vadodara also the dalit groups turn up and sit on roads in heavily traffic Kothi crossroads. Due to the agitation the daily commuters faced lots of trouble as heavy chakka jam happens in the area.

The Dalit groups turned up at Kothi crossroads and shouted slogans against the government for making changes in the SC ST act. Some of them turned upside down the carts and stop the traffic in the area resulting in heavy chakka jam. The commuters have to face lots of trouble reaching their destinations as they have to find other ways to avoid the traffic woes.

With such situation police closed all the roads approaching the collector office as the groups then reached the collector office to give memorandum in this regard.

The Congress party also protest and sit on dharna on road in protest against the changes in the 1989 act. They gathered at the collector office in the morning and then give memorandum to the collector in this regard.



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