Crocodile strayed inside residential area in Vadodara


Thursday morning the residents of Vallabh park society opposite Mental hospital Vadodara shocked to see a 4.5 feet crocodile inside. The residents came to know about the crocodile hearing the continuos bark of dogs and monkeys.

As per available details the crocodile crawled inside the society early morning around 5am and trying to find a hiding place. However while he was crawling the street dogs continuosly bark to see the crocodile and the monkeys also shouted from the trees.

The residents wake up after the continuos barking of dogs and and monkeys and shocked to see the crocodile moving around inside the society. One of the residents Mukesh Bhai saw the crocodile and informed others who came rushing in to see the reptile. Later they informed the forest department and they reached the spot and caught the crocodile from there.

The early morning incident shocked the residents after they came to know about the 4.5 foot crocodile entered inside. The residents felt that crocodile might strayed from the Vishwamitri river flowing nearby.

Earlier two days ago a baby crocodile entered inside Swapna lok apartment and was rescued by the forest department. As due to rains the water level of the Vishwamitri river is increasing and the crocodiles residing at the bank strayed into the nearby societies and residential areas.


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