Vadodara Fire brigade team fished out the carcass of a crocodile from Vishwamitri river near Kalaghoda on Thursday. The spot is home to crocodiles and one can often see them rest on the banks of the river.

As per the details the fire brigade received a call about a carcass of a crocodile floating in the river near Kalaghoda. They reached the spot and after lots of effort fished out the carcass.

“Its tough for us to fished out the carcass of the crocodile about 12 to 13 foot long and also heavy. After lots of effort we finally fished out the carcass and handover to the forest department. There was a injury on the eye of the crocodile which might be the reason for the death,” said I.A. Shaikh Fire officer.

As the news spread people gathered at the spot in curiosity and also above the Kalaghoda bridge over Vishwamitri river.


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