The crime branch team arrested Durgesh Thakor from Anandnagar Karelibaug with a suspicious motorcycle on 2nd May 2017. When asked about the papers of the motorcycle he failed to produce any and also don’t able to tell about the owner of the motorcycle. With nothing to show the crime branch team arrested him along with the motorcycle.

After primary interrogation the person revealed that for the last seven months he stole 10 motorcycles from different areas of Vadodara. The motorcycles are of different brands and during investigation the crime branch team recovered 10 motorcycles worth around 1,64000 rupees.

The accused said that he stole motorcycles from the areas like Karelibaug Amitnagar Bridge, Harni Motnath Road complex, Karelibaug Reliance Mall, Dumad Crossroads and Kadakbazaar Sayajigunj. Various offences in this regard was registered in Harni, Karelibaug and Sayajigunj Police Stations. Crime branch is further investigating the case.


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