Cow and Calf as prize to Man of the series


Stop cow slaughtering in India and making strict rules to implement is the burning topic in India but the whole issue is being politicised nowadays. However a group in Vadodara set an example before others to save cows and gives a cow to the Man of the series in a cricket league.

The whole nation is burning with the issue after the Congress members in Kerala butchered a calf in open. After the video went viral the incident was strongly condemned by everyone and they demand strict laws to save cow slaughtering in India.

Putting forward an example to save cows the organisers of the ‘Mahi Reva Premier League’ present a cow and calf to the man of the series after the final match on Wednesday. The idea is to spread the message to save cow in India.

“Cow is the identity of our Rabbari Samaj and also of the Hindus. Cow is considered to be the mother of everyone and we thanked the government who are making efforts to implement cow protection laws strictly. We give a cow with calf to the man of the series to spread the message to protect cows,” said Rajubhai Rabbari organiser of the tournament.

Praanesh Swami Maharaj who remain present there said that this is the unique concept to save cows as the organisers present cow and calf to the winner. They are opening a new way to follow by others as in this way we can contribute our share to save cow in India.




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