Covid vaccination drive started at Parul Sevashram


President Devanshu Patel first to get vaccinated

Today, I am proud to see the fruits of the labour of many dedicated scientists and doctors of our Nation, who have worked tirelessly to make this COVID-19 vaccine possible,” said Devanshu Patel President Parul University.

He further added, I know it is a very small bottle, but inside of this small bottle lies hope for our children, our families, our University campus, our city, our State and our beloved Nation. I believe we all need to take the decisive step towards the right direction and lead by example by taking this vaccine whenever it is available.

Today I am glad to share that I was the first person to receive this dosage of vaccine at Parul Medical Institute & Hospital’s first vaccination program. I have taken my first step towards making India a COVID-19 free Nation and so should you! Hope alone cannot bring change, change comes the moment you and I embrace this hope, and make the first choice towards making our nation a better place, said Patel after the vaccination.


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