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Covid meal service has become a source of employment for women in Mota Fofalia

Covid meal service has become a source of employment for women in Mota Fofalia

Making meals with hygiene delivered food packets to centre wearing PPE kit for safety

The global corona epidemic has a serious impact across the country. The number of corona cases has also increased significantly in Gujarat. It also had a profound effect on business employment. In this dire people who are struggling daily in villages to support their families are facing more difficulties.

In this time of calamity, the Covid Care Center of a village in Vadodara district has become a center for providing employment to the women of the village.

A 100 bedded Covid Care Centre is running in Mota Fofaliya village in Shinor taluka of Vadodara district with backing of the government and Shaktikrupa Charitable Trust. The centre is also provide employment to 54 women of Shakti, Savita and Sharda Sakhi Mandal, earning 300 to 400 a day.

Ashokbhai Patel, Director, Shakti Kripa Charitable Trust, said that the school hostel of the institute is closed in Corona. These women of Sakhi Mandal were working in the hostel and due to closure they are unemployed.

The Trust's US-based donor Kiranbhai Patel and Trustee Jitubhai Patel have taken care of these women and put forward a persuasive and encouraging idea of ​​employing women in the 100-bed Covid Care Center in the village. The care center is treating patients from the surrounding villages with common symptoms of covid.

Under Mission Mangalam Yojana, these women have been assigned to work as per the prescribed covid protocol to provide employment to the women of Sakhi Mandal of the village. The same amount of money is deposited in the bank by the organization against what these women save from their daily earnings.

Ashokbhai said that out of this savings, amount is given to the members of Sakhi Mandal when needed. He added that these rural women take care of hygiene in preparation of the meal and following the prescribed protocol in delivering the packed food for the patients.

Meals are delivered to the table outside the patient's room in disposable packing to prevent these women from becoming infected with the corona infection. For this, women have also been given packing training by the organization. Wearing PPE kits the women are taking protection and doing their work to stay safe.

Rashmi Patel of Sakhi Mandal says that there are 54 women in their Sakhi Mandal and the employment was halted when the institute's school closed due to Corona. But with the launch of the Covid Care Center in the hostel by the organization, their employment has resumed.

The women of Sakhi Mandal are working in the kitchen, Covid Care Centre as well as in the garden. They get Rs.400 to 500 daily, so that even in the difficult times of Corona, they can support their families.

The Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust has taken a motivating initiative across the state to provide employment to local women in the dire situation of Corona which is really commendable.

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