National Safety Day 2021

Goa is likely to tone down its Carnival festivities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said on Tuesday. The Carnival will be held on February 13 this year.

Ajgaonkar said the popular carnival parade could be held only in two cities and a final decision will be taken soon.

“We will decide on the carnival after gauging the Covid-19 situation. If the decision to organise it is taken, it will be held in two places, most likely in Panaji and Margao,” Ajgaonkar added.

Carnival processions, which are annually held in all major towns in the state, are symbolic of Goa’s colonial Portuguese legacy and is held here before Lent.

The festival, which involves a public celebration with long continuous parades of gaily coloured floats with dancers, is led by King Momo or king of the carnival, who is a locally chosen portly dignitary given the key to the city.

Covid-19 cases have reduced substantially in Goa over the last few months. As many as 52,977 Covid-19 positive cases have been detected in the state with 762 deaths.


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