Total 107 discharged from hospital taking the total to 19014

The number of positive cases in Vadodara reached 20591 after 97 cases registered in last 24 hours. Total 107 patients discharged from hospital which takes the total to 19014. Total number of confirmed deaths stayed at 234 after no death reported by the audit committee today. As mentioned the names, address and other details of patients are not declared from 1st June onwards.

The new cases are from Alkapuri, Sama, Gotri, Nizampura, Pratapnagar, Diwalipura, Makarpura, Subhanpura, Fategunj, Atladara, Harni road, Danteshwar, Soma Talav, Nyaymandir, Ajwa road, Tarsali, OP road and Padra, Bajwa, Shinor, Simli, Por, Dabhoi, Karjan, Jarod in rural. Out of the 3772 samples collected in one day, 97 are positive and rest 3675 comes out as negative.

Out of 1343 admitted patients, 1142 are stable, 147 on Oxygen and 54 on Ventilator/BI PAP support. Till date 19014 patients were discharged from hospital after full recovery. Total 3156 people are under home and private facility quarantine in Vadodara. The list of deaths reached 234 as declared after the audit by death audit committee.


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