The sessions court has convicted a man accused of molesting minor two years ago and sentenced him to life imprisonment. The court noted that such accused need to be severely punished and set an example in the society.

As per available details, Vinu Mandan Kataria (Ahir), originally of Dhokadwa village in Gir Somnath district, and presently resident of Sahajanand Duplex on Kalali Road in Vadodara, lured the minor girl and molest her promise to get married in 2018. The incident was reported to the Manjalpur police station. Manjalpur police had registered a case against the accused under the Pocso and Atrocities Act. This created a great deal of controversy at that time.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident was handed over to Assistant Commissioner of Police Bharti Pandya. The police officer arrested the accused within days and handed him over to the jail considering the seriousness of the crime. She then collected philosophical, documentary as well as evidence regarding the incident and filed a chargesheet against the accused in the court.

The case was referred to the 4th Additional Sessions Judge C.D. Pasi. The court heard the evidence as well as arguments and found the accused guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment. The court noted in its judgment that the accused should be given the strictest punishment so that they can set an example in the society.


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