Couple designed website for special recorded birthday messages


User can send wishes with their name

Birthday is always a special day in anyone’s life and people make many efforts to celebrate it in a special way every year. Normally we play some of the common bollywood songs as routine and celebrate the day with our friends and relatives. But a couple think and try something different to celebrate the special day.

The couple designed a website where one can dedicate birthday wishes to their friends with songs in any language. and are the two websites designed by the couple Rohit and Namrata Mohta. He said the idea came to his mind after the son of one of their whatsapp group member record a song and share it in the group. The song was liked by everyone and with this I started working on it to design something on the same idea.

With both the websites anyone can record the songs in any language with their name and send their greeting and birthday wishes to a friend, family member or relative. Rohit further said, they designed the website a part of startup India and in coming days will include Bengali, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and South India languages. Presently the users can send their messages in Gujarati language.


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