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Corporation school in Vadodara in serious need of repair

Corporation school in Vadodara in serious need of repair

Students risk their lives everyday to study.

When government is making efforts to make education compulsory for every child here is example of total negligence on part of the administration to provide basic infrastructure to the students. A primary school in Vadodara is waiting for a big incident to happen as the building is totally in negligence state and waiting for a immediate repair.

Sant Jalaram Shree Jalaram Bappa Primary School no. 10 in Navidharti Nagarwada area is in serious need of repair and the 125 odd students studying inside put their lives in danger everyday for their studies. Inspite of many representations to the school about the repair work the request is still pending and the building is awaiting a big accident.

The corporation run school is having classes from 1st to 8th and having 125 students studying inside. The school pillars, roof are in dilapidated state and in serious need of repair. The ceiling is further damaging daily with students and teachers risk their lives everyday.

Wild vegetation comes out from the walls of the school and the colour fades away beyond recognition. Students fear to move around in the lobby and big gaps inside the walls can be seen easily everywhere. The drinking water tank was repaired earlier and once again water is leaking from the walls. However a donor gives a water cooler and get it installed inside the school.

School principal Praveen Solanki said they approached the concerned department in the corporation about the repair work about eight months ago but nothing can be done in this regard till date. They also approached about the water leakage in the tank but it is also not resolved.

Meenaba Zala chairman of Nagar Prathamik Shikshan Samiti (NPSS) said the school is in dilapidated state and need to be repaired. They approached the concerned department in the corporation many times but the work is still pending. There is a budget assigned to every board but the work is not done from that level. Once again they will approach the Municipal Commissioner for the repair work.

NPSS member of opposition Narendra Jaiswal said they visit the school and the situation get worse due to the internal differences in the BJP. The chairman and the concerned officials are responsible for the sorry state of the school.

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