The corporate world is quite extensive and is seemingly a flower that attracts millions of bees to pollinate in. Such is its external beauty that one fails to notice or even know, prior to settling down on it, its hidden truths. And why would one? The very fact that there is money infused in its pollens, every attracted bee happens to sit on it. But honestly, everything that glitters is not gold, and Shakespeare was pretty right about it when he had jotted these lines. There always are cons to every pro. Let us take a look at some of the hidden truth about the corporate beauty.

  • The Downside of Efficiency

It is more like an irony than an understatement, but believe it or not it is true. If you are an efficient employee of the Bee Factory, you will be assigned more work, and not because you are bad at it, but because you are good.

  • No Individual Appraisal

End of the day when you submit your best work to the hive head all that will be considered is how much the work benefitted the company. Individual progress is usually kept at the back of the burner.

  • It’s All About Money

Yes, don’t twitch your eyebrows thinking you are passionate about what you do. A time comes when all that matters is how much you are earning from it because by then all your passions have been subsided below the tree where the hive is resting.

  • Creativity Killer

When you are assigned to a desk job, unknowingly you are bidding farewell to your creativity. That’s when reality sets in you are to be confined to a desk and typing words and making calculations, praying when the project will end.

  • Accountable Mishaps

If you are the head of a certain project, the work of your sub workers reflects in your submission. If they mess it up, then you are held accountable for it because it was for you they had worked.

  • Prevailing Cynicism

Not everyone who smiles at you is your well-wisher because underneath that smile is a competitive monster who just hopes your project is thrown in the bin while their work is accepted and applauded.

Not entirely bad, but as we all know, there is always another side to the coin. There is hardly anyway where one can grow; rather they are subdued by negativity and cynicism.


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