Police conduct thorough investigation to know exact cause of suicide

A youth living in Jai Yogeshwar Society on New Sama Road in Vadodara city committed suicide. He is believed to be took the final step as his corona report was positive. However, the police have conducted a thorough investigation to find out the exact cause of the suicide.

Corona cases are increasing dangerously in the city and people are seeking psychiatric guidance for their fear, anxiety and other symptoms. In such situation a 38 year old residing in New Sama road area commit suicide inside his home. He is said to be corona positive and presently under treatment at home isolation.

He is said to be under stress and took the extreme step. His wife gone out for work returned home a shocked to see him in this state. Neighbours gathered at the spot after the message and informed the Sama police about the incident. Police send the body for postmortem and further investigation is on to know the exact reason of the extreme step.

The deceased had been living in Vadodara with his wife for a long time and employed in a private company.


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