Corona effect on traditional Vitthalnathji’s procession in Vadodara


This year the 211th procession of Lord Vitthalnathji will not take place on the city roads

For the first time the traditional Vitthalnathji’s procession will not moves on city roads of Vadodara. The temple trust decides to move a small symbolic chariot of the Lord inside the temple premises and then allowed the devotees to visit while maintaing lockdown rules.

Due to Coronavirus epidemic this year the 211th procession of Lord Vitthalnathji will not take place on the city roads. Lord Vitthalnathji’s procession is traditionally held twice a year from the temple of Lord Vitthalnathji at Mandvi managed by Devasthan Trust. The royal family run Devasthan trust and police department decides not to take out the procession this year in view of people health. However the trust and temple committee makes preparations for the celebration and decides to move a symbolic small procession of lord inside the temple.

As decided by the trust, tomorrow morning, after the traditional worship by the Gaekwad family, Lord Vitthalnathji will arrive in a small chariot inside the temple premises. After completing the procession the Lord will be placed at its place as per rituals. The procession inside the temple this year will be centre of attraction and only 25 devotees are allowed inside.

Thereafter the devotees are allowed to visit inside after thermal gun checking, hand sanitisation and wearing masks. The temple committee decide to allow people from morning 10 to 1pm and then 4 to 7pm in the evening strictly maintaing the rules of social distancing.

After checking the thermal guns, admission will be given after sanitization and no entry will be allowed in the temple without wearing a mask. One by one devotees will be given darshan. Riding in a small chariot and walking around the temple complex, it will be the center of attraction. Only 4 devotees will be allowed inside the temple.

Temple Mahant Hariom Vyas of Vitthalnathji Temple said, it’s very disheartening to know that for the first time in last more than 200 years the procession will be not taken out. But the decision is taken in the interest of health of the people and contain the deadly virus.


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