There’s a reason when we say we are Beyond Just News.

News reporters whether they belong to Print Media or Digital Media, always works hard for their stories to be published in newspaper, magazine or website, so that people connects with with them through their stories which also helps them to develop their own personal brand & an responsible image in the society.

The real earnings of a news reporter is his / her published article or story. They don’t worry much about their pay, whether its low or high. They seek happiness when their story reaches people & they feel proud when it’s appreciated.

The feeling of appreciation becomes enormous when we devote our hard work, passion, sincerity to our Mother. She is that one person who stands by us selflessly & unconditionally

This Diwali, We the whole team of Connect Gujarat are trying to bring a new thinking. All the stories on Diwali & New Years, created by our reporters would be published with the Credit (Byline) with their Mother’s name to respect her, thank her, and give her the credit which she deserves.

We are hoping to bring the change of perspectives and making this world a more happy place to live. We truly believe in being #BeyondJustNews.