Case was registered against him for pasting his poster on the poster of Modi.

Congress senior leader Madhusudan Mistry present before the court in a 2014 matter registered against him. Mistry contest the MP elections against Narendra Modi from Vadodara and a case was registered against him for trying to paste his poster on the poster of Modi.

The matter was way back in 2014 when Madhusudan Mistry was involved in campaigning as he contest the elections from Vadodara as the Congress candidate against BJP candidate Narendra Modi. During that time Mistry tried and paste his picture on the poster of Narendra Modi citing reason about not finding any space for him. Police detained him and the congress supporters and register offence against them.

Mistry on Thursday present before the court of senior civil judge and JMFC on Thursday joined by Congress President Prashant Patel, leader of opposition Chandrakant Shrivastav (Bhatthu), Narendra Rawat, Ami Rawat, Shailesh Amin and others.

Madhusudan Mistry regarding the case said he asked for kiosks on rent as per rules but the ruling party rented out the same to the BJP candidate. He called all the thing unlawful and then pasted his own picture on the poster. A case was registered against him and he came here and present before the court.


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