Gujarat Congress will take out farmer rallies all across Gujarat on 10th July 2017 in protest against the new mapping of land in Gujarat. They objected the new mapping and demanded to cancel it and replace it with the old one. The big rallies will reach collector offices and give memorandum in this regard.

Former President of Gujarat Congress Arjun Modhvadia and Siddharth Patel organised a press confrence in circuit house and gave information about the new mapping of lands. They alleged that the new mapping is not perfect and gives wrong information.


“The last mapping was on 1960 and it was done with old and traditional equipments. Since then the mapping is a reliable source of information to farmers and agencies. The ground control points are taking in reference for the mapping. Now the digital mapping which supposed to be done with the help of longitude and latitude is not there and all the markings are wrong. The landmark points like canals, wells not shown in the map and fields, houses went to others. The 100% mapping is wrong and we object to it,” said Modhvadia.

As per the National Land Records Modernisation Programme 1.25crore Survey numbers are mapped and as per the Congress it’s full of mistakes.


“The new mapping is full of mistakes and it’s injustice to the farmers. We demand to cancel the new mapping and replace it with the old records. A high court judge will investigate in this and register criminal case against the culprits. In protest we take out farmer rallies all across Gujarat on 10th July 2010 and give memorandum to the collector in this regard. We also will meet governer and request him to look into our demands,” said Modhvadia.



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