Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) launched the historical Sursagar lakefront Development project on the first day of 2018. As part of the project the estimated cost is around 38 crores to entirely dewatered and redevelopment of the lake. However the Congress raised questions against the project and request them to first clean the drainage systems in the city area as the all the water comes inside the lake.

As per the project details the lake would have ghats on all four sides with a perimeter og 1.4 kms where 25,000 people can gather at one time. Boating, light and sound shows along with various activities will be there after the completion.

The lake having capacity of 13.40 crore litres will be totally dewatered which will take months to complete. Afterwards the cleaning work will start which will take some more time and then the redevelopment work starts. The project is the prestigious one for the VMSS as earlier also the plan was not implemented inspite of the money being sanctioned for the redevelopment work.

However the Congress raised questions on the project and asked to clean up the drainage system in the nearby Char Darwaza area. Congress spokesperson Nilesh Brahmbhatt said the whole drainage water mixed inside the lake and that is the biggest reason for the condition of Sursagar. He requested them to first clean up the nearby areas and then thinks about the beautification of the lake. He also accused the BJP for wasting the money in the name of development.



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