Congress Protest against currency ban in Vadodara


Vadodara Congress on Thursday protest against the government decision of ban the 500 and 1000 rupee notes and burned the effigy of RBI governer Urgit Patel. The mahila members showed their protest by threw vegetables on the road.


Vadodara Congress members along with the Mahila team joined the protest against the government decision of demonetisation at Gandhinagar Gruh. Later the Mahila members protest against the decision to ban 500 and 1000 rupee currency with the vegetables. The idea is to show the apathy of the vegetable vendors who are facing the shortage of change money and due to this their business is also affected.


Later the Mahila members joined by other Congressmen stopped the traffic and threw the vegetables on the road. However the idea of protest was there but they threw the fresh vegetables on the road which can be a help to many poor people in the city. They instead can give the vegetables to the needy ones.

The Congress also burned the poster effigy of RBI governer Urjit Patel and showed him as the ten head demon. Later police arrested the protestors who burn the effigy of the RBI governer.


“The aim is to show how the people are in trouble after the decision by the government and they have to stand for hours in line but return empty handed. Many people lost their lives due to this as they don’t get their own money from the banks. The Prime Minister is not taking the right decision as this is not the way to out the black money. This decision affects the education, small businesses and people and we are opposing it,” said Prashant Patel President Vadodara Congress.


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