Youth Congress protest against Amit Shah in Vadodara


The youth Congress raised their protest against national BJP president Amit Shah in Vadodara. The members burn effigy of him just in front of the venue and then IYC National Secretary Rutvij Joshi appeared at Ambedkar circle at Race course showing black flag to Amit Shah when his convoy was passing from there.

BJP national president Amit Shah is in Vadodara to attend the Intellectuals meeting at Sayajinagar Gruh after the morning programme at Devaliya village in Chhotaudepur. Before the programme at Vadodara the police met themselves stand by at places where the congress members might create some disturbances.

However the youth Congress members showed their protest by burning the effigy and showed black flag to Amit Shah. First some of the members Dev Patel (it-cell, Chairmain) and zuber pathan (Nsui president) burn the effigy of Amit shah I’m front of the spot. They demand that why BJP not ban on Beef and why Kiran Rijju is not suspended. The police detained them from the spot.

In another spot at Ambedkar circle Rutvij Joshi appeared with a black flag a d showed him to the passing convoy of Amit Shah. He and Mitesh Parmar who was also detained shout slogans against BJP and demand why the BJP not kept a ban on Beef and accused them for dual policy.


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