Congress party is planning to agitate against the demonetisation decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that nothing is changed since then.

At a press conference in Vadodara Dr. Jitu Patel Vice President of GPCC accused Prime Minister and also compared him as a monkey flying an aircraft and the situation of the passengers is like what the people of the country felt now. He also said in the coming days the party will demonstrate against the decision.

Speaking on the situation after 50 days of the demonetisation decision the congress party is ready to protest against the government. In view of that Dr. Jitu Patel held a press conference in Vadodara where he alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all the situation people are facing today. He also crossed his limit and compared the PM with a monkey flying the aircraft fill with passengers and what the passengers feel is just the situation of the people of country now.

“The PM decided to go for demonetisation and after that around 90 people died and all the responsibility is on him. The decision is like a economic terrorism which the people facing as they are not getting their own money after the 50 days deadline. Unemployment, business all affected with the decision and the PM should take the moral responsibility and resign. He also alleged that PM also made world record in changing rules for so many times in 50 days which never be attempted anywhere,” said Patel.

Further accused the government and PM Narendra Modi he said the demonetisation is all a gimmick and the cashless economy is also a joke. “We think idea of demonetisation is for their own benefit and the cashless economy is also a fluke. The situation after the decision of cashless economy is just like a money flying a aircraft and the passengers are facing the worst. The situation of the people of the country is just the same,” said Patel.

Patel said in coming days the Mahila Morcha will demonstrate with Plates and rolling pad against the decision of the government on 8th or 9th January. On 11th January under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi there will be a big programme in New Delhi.