State agriculture minister R.C. Faldu said the farmers agitation programe in the state is Congress inspiring and the farmers here are getting better price for vegetables and milk.

On the last day of Chintan Shibir at Vadodara Faldu said the Gujarat farmers are getting good price for their vegetables and milk in comparison with Punjab and Karnataka. The congress shall go to their majority states to do such agitations.

He said the agitation is Gujarat is inspired by Congress and throwing vegetables and milk on the road is a token programme. The Congress party forget the place of agiation and instead do it in the states of Punjab and Karnataka.

On the suicide of a farmer at Banaskantha he said the matter is yet to reach him and extend his condolences to the family of the farmer. He said the goverment is making efforts to implement the 2007 agriculture act as soon as possible which help the farmers to sell their items like the industries. The goverment is thinking to increase the income of farmers and serious talks are there about it in the Chintan Shibir at Vadodara.