Put allegations of corruption on corporation and Gujarat Tourism.

Congress councillor Ami Rawat sat on protest over not getting the details of newly inaugurated Atapi wonderland from the corporation. She said to be continue her agitation till the management provide her the project details of the wonderland and Ajwa Safari park.

Ami Rawat sit on protest in the office of Parks and Gardens comes under VMC demanding details of the project.  She said they asked for the details about the Atapi wonderland and Ajwa Safari park through RTI from the corporation.  However they send the reply of not providing the details without the permission of private company. She also said that when another person asked the same details the corporation send a reply that Gujarat Tourism has always the details and forwarded the application to them.

She further said that the special project Zonal Engineer of Gujarat Tourism also replied for not having any details about the project.  Ami put allegations on corporation and Gujarat tourism for corruption in the project and make the related files missing.

Ami put allegations on the corporation for giving 150 acre land to Gujarat tourism for development. To develop the Ajwa theme park and Safari park Gujarat tourism give 75cr and GSFC gives 10 crores cube construction company. She also raised questions about the investment from the private company in there and put allegations on the BJP for corruption in crores.

She further said to be trying getting through details through RTI and in written about the theme park for the last couple of months but still not getting it from the Parks and Garden department. She said to be on protest inside the office till the details given to her.


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