Said wastage of people’s money demand vigilance inquiry in the matter.

VMSS is planning to built a Aviary inside the Sayajibaug zoo and as a process demolish the Japanese garden taking shape there and not even open for public. Congress Councillor Ami Ravat reached the spot in view of the drive and raised objections on wastage of people’s money.  She also demand vigilance inquiry against the responsible persons in the matter.

Ami Ravat also member of Jago Vadodara raised the issue of total wastage of money in the name of development. The matter she raised is about the demolition of Japanese garden for the Aviary.

“The place earlier had historical maze garden for children about 150 years old and was replaced by the Japanese garden at the cost of 60 lakhs. However before opening the same was demolished for the Aviary. Its a serious wastage of people’s money and also lack of managment to save the structures like domes and wooden bridge which can be shifted elsewhere, ” said Ami Ravat.

She further said it’s totally wastage of 60lakhs of public money and all the responsible shall be punished. “The place also has trees which was also uprooted and the birds also suffered due to the dust spreading from the demolition by the contractor. We demand vigilance inquiry in the matter and all the responsible shall be punished, ” said Ami Ravat.


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