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Congress blames BJP for demonetisation and asked 10 questions to the PM

Congress blames BJP for demonetisation and asked 10 questions to the PM

All India Congress party national spokesperson Sanjay Jha accused the PM Narendra Modi led BJP government for demonetisation and it's bad effect on the people and economy of the country.

He also accused them of the consequences the nation face after the sudden decision and held them responsible for the deaths due to standing in ques after the demonetisation.

Jha was in Vadodara and addressed the media at the circuit house where he talked about demonetisation and it's adverse effects on the economy and the lives of the people. He asked 10 questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi relating to the issue and also blamed him for the decision of demonetisation.

"Demonetisation is a serious matter and we must talk about it. I want to ask 10 questions to the PM Narendra Modi like the sudden decision, death of the people, why not stop the black money from the roots, effect of GDP, action on the persons whose name came in Panama paper, Did BJP people knew the 8 November date before, Lokpal and other things related to demonetisation. The decision was taken but it effects the whole nation and the people and the who is responsible for the people who died after it. We want to say that the government failed in its decision and they should find some solution to curb the situation," said Jha.

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