A complaint has been lodged at the police station alleging that three ransom seekers had demanded Rs 6.30 lakh from 12 traders for threatening to close the Sardar Woolen Market on Rajmahal Road in Vadodara city. It is learned that the swindler also took blank cheques from the traders.

As per available details, Parvindersinh Mahendrasinh Rathod lives with family in Mahavir Vatika in Baranpura area. He has been running a warm clothing business at Kalabhavan Maidan on Rajmahal Road for the last 15 years to support the family. At Kalabhavan Maidan, there are about 110 shops of Woolen Market under different names.

However, the owner of the Kalabhavan ground is Samarjit Singh Gaekwad, but over the last few years, it has been managed by different administrators. In the year 2016-17, Rajesh Ramanbhai Shah, living in Sayajiganj, managed the woolen market.

Parvindra Singh Rathore had planned to organize a woolen market at Kalabhuvan Maidan in the year 2020-21 as no one had planned it. He request to get the NOC and obtained it from land owner Samarjit Singh Gaekwad from 15 October 2020 to 15 February 2021.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Ramanlal Shah and his associates obtain information under RTI in government and semi-government offices and had filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court and closed the Woolen Market and Golden Circus for 115 days.

After some time, Parvindra Singh and Ashish Ashokkumar Jain met Rajesh Shah with the intention of starting a woolen market again and talked about whether he would mind running a woolen market. He said the market would start on his conditions, in which 1 day installment of 15000 will have to be given. And if that is not possible, then they have to pay 11 lakhs in total for the 1122-days.

Apart from this, Rajesh Shah said that advance amount have to be paid before the the file of Woolen Market put in the government office. Parvinder Singh had given Rs 3.22 lakh in cash to Rajesh Shah as an advance. After that Parvindra Singh got approval, and started the woolen market following strict rules.

After the Woolen Market started, Rajesh Shah sent his men Mohammad Noor Mohammad Vohra and Sanjay Kumar Ramkripal Shukla to Parvindra Singh’s shop and called him to the shop and demanded ransom from him. Thus Rajesh Shah grabbed Rs 6.30 lakh by making implicit threats in stages.

However, since Parvinder Singh did not have such a large amount, he took rupee from 12 different traders of Woolen Market and gave it to Rajesh Shah. However, Rajesh Shah continued to demand ransom by making implicit threats and Parvindra Singh took refuge in the police station and lodged a complaint at the Raopura police station.

Police have registered a case against Rajesh Ramanlal Shah, Mohammad Nur Mohammad Vohra and Sanjay Kumar Ramkripal Shukla under the ransom clause and are conducting further investigations.


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