National Safety Day 2021

Seven conman from Surat put 3.7kg of duplicate gold in Muthoot Fincorp in Navsari and get loan of 1.18 crores. They get 66 gold loans in total from the bank. The whole matter came to light in the audit report of the bank and the manager gives a complaint in the Navsari town police station against seven accused.

As per details Muthoot Fincorp Limited situated in front of Hanuman temple at Navsari Golwaad gate is into financing gold loan to customers. Five months ago on 26-09-2020 Vipul Mowaliya from Jalalpore visited the bank and get loan of 16,74,810 after mortgage 430 grams of gold chain, bangles and bracelets. Then on 24-10-2020 Danish Mowaliya mortgage 1212.5 grams gold chain, bangle, bracelet and others to get a loan of 42,30,180.

On 14-12-2020 Bhavdeep Kumar Chikani get loan of 13,25,300 after mortgage 384.5 grams of gold chain, bangles and bracelet in the bank. On 16-12-2020 Dharmendra Godiya get loan of 9,39,200 loan after mortgage 270.8 grams of gold chain. Therafter Mayur Pansuriya get 29,78,240 loan after mortgage 853.2 gram gold jewellery, Raj Rokade get 5,40,867 loan on 181 grams gold jewellery and Yagnik Lathiya get 1,22,200 loan after mortgage 38.5 grams gold chain on 6-11-2020. The all in total goes to 66 loans where on 3 kg 370 grams gold the seven of them get a loan of 1.18 crores from the bank.

All the jewellery was duplicate and gold plated to hide the reality. Periodically the bank checked the gold jewellery kept them against the loan and on 21-12-2020 the loan inspector checked it and the whole matter came to light. The area manager of the bank Sujay Sanjanwala gives a complaint in Navsari town police station from cheating of 1.18 crores against seven accused. PI H.R. Vaghela is further investigating in the case.

The accused get 66 loans in one month and 11 days from 26-09-2020 to 6-11-2020 from the bank.

Complaint was registered against Vipul Mowaliya, Danish Mowaliya, Bhavdeep Chikani, Dharmendra Gediya, Mayur Pansuriya, Raj Rokade, Yagnik Lathiya.


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