Commendable work done by Vadodara police jawans in fight against Corona

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Commendable work done by Vadodara police jawans in fight against Corona

20 jawans felicitated by police commissioner for their noble work towards saving lives

The fight with corona is still on and one of the many challenges posed during this pandemic is the urgent need for plasma donors. Plasma is being used as an amulet to rescue people in their fight against Corona pandemic. However the shortage of donors make it difficult to treat patients and many of them lost their lives.

In such a situation where the whole administration is engaged in increase the treatment facilities, Vadodara police is also not far behind to extend their helping hand. The force is implementing the covid guidelines strictly from the beginning and now comes forward to donate the all important plasma for the treatment of patients.

Plasma is proving to be very effective cure along with medicines for the treatment of corona patients. Vadodara police is also coming forward to donate their plasma for the needy. Corona patients can be treated with blood plasma from people who had recovered from the disease following medical norms and SOP.

Many of the front line Corona fighters of Vadodara city police force have been infected by handling law and order and have recovered with prescribed treatment. City police commissioner Dr. Shamsher Singh launched a inspirational and integrated campaign in the city for such jawans who have the medical qualification to donate plasma.

As part of this, the city police commissioner honored 20 such plasma donors by awarding them certificates and hoped that their initiative would be a motivational for all.


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