World Tuberculosis day is universally observed on 24 Mar every year.  The theme for this year is  ‘Wanted : Leaders for a TB free World’.

Awareness programmes on Tuberculosis were organised at the Military Hospital and KV No. 2 for the troops and their families and students of the school, on Saturday 24 Mar 2018.  The speakers at the events were Brigadier NS Narain Commandant Military Hospital Ahmedabad, Capt Shalini Gupta Medical Officer, Health Supervisory Staff Mr PK Vaghela and HH Darji of Station Health Organisation, Ahmedabad.Activities like Lectures, Video show, quiz, health exhibition and distribution of pamphlets on Tuberculosis were also undertaken to improve awareness and sensitize the importance of bringing behavioral and attitudinal changes that would meaningfully contribute towards preventing the spread of the disease.


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