After giving the biggest hit of Hindi cinema ‘Dangal’ the predictions are high for the next film of Nitesh Tiwari. Now the news is that Nitesh is working on the bestselling book of 2012 ‘How I braved Anu Aunty and Co Founded A Million Dollar Company’ written by Varun Agrawal.

The film will be co produced by Ronnie Screwwala and Siddharth Roy Kapoor and may be it will be make under the RSV and Roy Kapoor Films banner.

The book is based on the true story of Bangalore which inspires to fulfil your dreams. In the words of the author of the book ‘First you Jump and then Think’. Varun as like a 20year old youth get the Engineering degree in Telecommunication and wanst to start his own company. But not many people are receptive of the idea. His biggest threat is Anu Aunty the lead character who thwarts his every move.

After a number of alcohol induced conversations with his friend from school and later co founder Rohan Malhotra decided to start a merchandise company that creates customised clothing and accessories for the alumni of schools and colleges across India.

Varun shared his experience on the Facebook blogs where he get one publisher. Eight days when Varun was not well and unable to leave his house he wrote the 50,000 words book which became bestseller later.

Today the uninterested engineer is a successful businessman with three start-ups and owner of Media Marketing company and film production house. Now Varun is thinking about the second series of his novel and also a book based on the history of his film production journey with the help of his handicam, short film and music video.

Nitesh, Roni and Siddharth took us to the ‘Chiller Party’ first film of Nitesh which Roni and Siddharth present under the banner of UTV Spotboy. The association grew stronger when the UTV approached Nitesh with the story of ‘Dangal’ and asked him to write and direct the film. Nitesh wrote it very beautifully and Siddharth called Aamir Khan and explain the story to him. Aamir love the story and rest is history.

Now all are associating together for a youth oriented film after the Chillar Party and Dangal. The film is all about the youth broke the shackles running from generations to where parents asked their children to become doctor, engineer, MBA and others. The film shows today’s youth broke the shackles and choose the culture of Start up business.

Young superstars and that too top ones will be casted for the film and it is worth seeing that what will be in the magic box of the association of Ronie, Siddharth and Nitesh for the audience. The rumors are also there that RSV and Roy Kapoor Films will produce the biography of first astronaut from India Rakesh Sharma. The film titled ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha’ will see Aamir Khan in lead role.




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