Authorities accepted the fault, removed two canteen boys for showing negligence in duty

A cockroach was found inside the food given to patient admitted in Sterling hospital once again putted the question mark on the food safety norms followed by them. The hospital authorities accepted their fault and immediately removed the two canteen employees for showing negligence in their duties. The incident shocked the patient and relatives as such a reputed hospital is playing with the safety norms.

Dipen Ekhankar resident of Vasna Bhayli road in Vadodara admitted his mother in Sterling hospital for treatment. He said food is given to the patient and relatives from the hospital canteen and on Sunday two plates were served to them. To their shock cockroaches were found inside the dal in both plates and they immediately informed the management about the same.

The management rushed their and accepted their fault before the patient and relatives. They immediately take action and remove two canteen employees for showing negligence in their duties. The other patients also discussed the issue and check their food before eating.

An irate Dipen further added that the hospital shall take good care of patients after collecting high charges from them. In this case they accepted their fault but it’s their duty to serve good and healthy food to the patients. He raised many questions about the working policies of the hospital and request the authorities to take special care of patients.



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