With India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive beginning today, the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare has informed citizens about the Co-Win platform that will be used to monitor the vaccination drive in the country.

In a Tweet, Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the digital platform will help the government in enabling the world’s largest vaccination drive. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is scheduled to launch the vaccination drive at 10.30am, will also activate the Co-WIN digital platform.

The application comes with five different modules, namely – Administrator module, Registration module, Vaccination module, Beneficiary Acknowledgement module, and Report module – to ensure smooth tracking and registration for COVID-19 vaccine in the country.

The mobile app is also an upgraded version of the eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network) and it will be available to download for free via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app may also launch on Jio phones that run on KaiOS.

Citizens who are not frontline health workers can register for the vaccine via the ‘Registration Module’ within a month. Currently, the app will be used as a back-end software during COVID-19 vaccination drive.

“The self-registration module of Co-WIN App has not been released yet. Be wary of any fraudulent apps with similar names that may exist on different platforms,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

The ministry of health and family welfare has warned citizens against downloading fake CoWIN apps that are doing the rounds on app stores. The government’s Co-WIN app is still under development.

Photo identity will be required for registration. As expected, the admins via the ‘Administrator module’ will be able to track the information provided by citizens on India. “It will upload bulk data on co-morbidity provided by local authorities or by surveyors,” the government had explained last month. Admins will also be responsible for creating sessions, and the respective vaccinators and managers will receive relevant notifications and alerts.

The Vaccination module of the Co-Win app will verify the beneficiary details and update vaccination status. The ‘Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module’ will then send SMS to beneficiaries and also generate QR-based certificates after one gets vaccinated. Lastly, the Report Module will prepare reports of how many vaccine sessions have been conducted, how many people have attended those, how many people have dropped out etc.

PM Modi on Monday also reiterated that the app will ensure that people get the second dosage of the vaccine on time. “It will generate a certificate after the first dosage of vaccine and the final certificate will be issued after the second dosage,” he added. It will also facilitate real time information of vaccine stocks and storage temperature during the COVID-19 vaccination drive.


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