Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump took to the stage on Wednesday night going head-to-head in their last presidential debate, 20 days before the November 8 election.

The 90-minute debate taking place at University of Nevada’s Thomas and Mack Centre is being moderated by Fox News journalist Chris Wallace.

Minutes ahead of the debate, Moderator Wallace just asked the audience not to “hoot and holler”, as many did during the previous two debates, CNN reported.

The debate started with the topic Supreme Court and the first question Wallace put out was “Where do you want to see the court take the country and secondly what’s your view on how the Constitution should be interpreted?”

Clinton, who got the first question by coin flip, said: “When we talk about the Supreme Court, it really raises the central issue in this election, namely what kind of country are we going to be?”

She went on to all the left’s wish list, including abortion, gay marriage and money in politics.

“I feel strongly that the Supreme Court needs to stand on the side of the American people, not on the side of the powerful corporations and wealthy…we need a Supreme Court that stands up on behalf of women’s rights, on behalf of the rights of the LGBT community,” the former Secretary of State said.

Trump replied to the question by saying, “The Supreme Court is what it’s all about,” a subdued Trump said.

He hit Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her disparaging remarks about him. He then went after Clinton on gun control.

The Manhattan billionaire said he favours judges that see “the Constitution the way it was meant to be, and those are the people I would appoint.”

Among the audience, the nominees’ families are present including Hillary’s husband and former US President Bill Clinton and Trump’s wife Melania Trump.