The VMSS encroachment team had to face the ire of local residents of Nizampura in Vadodara when they reached to demolish the house of the priest of Hanumanji temple. The locals also approached the local MLA after he reached the spot to control the situation and demand him to assign the house to the priest.  Residents

In view of the smart city project the VMSS is currently removing the encroachments in their work to widening the roads. The team recently removed many encroachment in the Nizampura area near the Hanumanji temple. At that time the people demand to provide another house to the priest and the VMSS team gives them four months time.

On Friday the team tried to remove the encroachment of the priest of the Hanumanji temple but they had to face the ire of the local residents. They demand to give the priest another house and clashed with the team. However the local MLA Jitendra Sukhadia reached the spot to calm the situation but the people also aggressively approached him with their demands.

Later after promised to provide the house to the priest and his family the whole situation was under control and the encroachment team went ahead with the demolition.