Clash between Dalits and police during garlanding of Dr. Ambedkar statue in Vadodara


The whole nation is celebrating 127th birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar including Vadodara where political parties and dalit organisations paid their respect to him. However a heated argument erupts when the dalits came too garland the statue was stopped by police. The two clashed on one side and in the meanwhile BJP leaders paid their respects to the statue situated at Racecourse circle in the city.

Union Minister for Women and Child Development arrives in Vadodara to paid her respects to Dr. Bababsaheb Ambedkar. Meanwhile before her arrival the dalits clased with the on duty police after they were stopped due to the VIP movement and protocol. A heated argument started between the groups and police and continues for sometime as the cops prevent them to garland the statue.

Earlier BJP took out a Bandharan Sanmaan Yatra from their office at manubhai Tower in Sayajigunj towards Racecourse to the statue to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Party General Secretary Jivraaj Chauhan, Shabdasharan Brahmbhatt, MP Ranjan Bhatt, Mayor Bharat Dangar, MLA’s, leaders and members joined the rally and paid their respects to Dr. Ambedkar.

Later after the clash with the police at the venue Dalit members purified the statue of Dr. Ambedkar after the BJP done with the garlanding ceremony. After purification they once again garlanding the statue and paid their respects to their leader.


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