The number of passengers travelling in city buses plying in Vadodara has come down drastically due to the rising Corona cases in Vadodara. About 1.25 lakh passengers were traveling before the second wave of the virus and now the number comes down to 15000 since last one week.

Narendrasinh Rana, manager of Vinayak Urban Bus Service, which provides bus services to the citizens of Vadodara city, said that the number of city bus passengers is decreasing day by day due to the increasing number of corona cases. This result in an economic blow to them.

The facility has been made available as per the government guidelines to ensure that passengers traveling in city buses dont get the infection. Yet passengers are nervous about traveling in the city bus because of the panic due to Coronavirus.

Rana further said that before the second wave of Corona, passengers were traveling without panic. But passengers have been declining day by day since the beginning of second wave of Corona. However they did not make any reductions in bus routes.

Although cases are currently at their peak, they are running 120 buses on 61 routes. The non-availability of passengers against the bus facility is causing an economic blow. It has also become difficult to give the salaries of drivers as ST buses plying on various routes are coming mostly empty.

Narendrasinh Rana further said that before the second wave of the Corona, about 1.5 lakh passengers were traveling. But the increase in Corona cases over the past eight days has led to a drastic drop in passengers. About 15,000 passengers have traveled in the last eight days in their survey. If such a situation persists in the coming days, the possibility of shutting down city buses cannot be ruled out.

He also added that there was a rush of passengers in the evening. But because of corona, passengers no longer even come to the depot. Passengers prefer to go single in their private vehicles or auto rickshaws instead of sitting in a bus.


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